Canoe Tour


Refreshing tour on a hot June-Day

Do you want to take part in a refreshing tour on a summer day?!?

Don´t miss out on exploring the beautiful landscape around the enchanting Ilmenau from a canoe!

If you don't want to die of hunger on the water -just take your favorite food that we can share during our picnic break!

Don´t be afraid of crocodiles they are usually friendly here. ;)

Otherwise you should be a very fast swimmer - if you don´t know how to swim, bring your swimmies! :D

We´re taking the train from Lüneburg to Bienenbüttel and paddle downstram the Ilmenau back to Lüneburg, der Strömung hinterher!! See you there! Laura and Palina :)


To Register go to the International Office!

Price: 12€

Please bring it convenient.

Facebook-Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1956095137968255/?acontext=%7B%22source%22%3A4%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&source=4&action_history=null

I:SI Flunkyball -Tournament-Stammtisch

Hey everybody,

you always wanted to challenge your friends or I:SI members at Flunkyball?
Then we invite you to our ultimate Flunkyball-Tournament on the Mensawiese!
At this special Stammtisch we will play several rounds the fun game Flunkyball in teams we create right before the start, for that please be punctual!

The winner-team will receive a surprise-sorpresa-Überraschung-surprise-surpresa-sürpriz!

Please bring enough beer for yourself (around 4, depending on your motivation).
And if you have a nice ball, bring it also!
For some special rules, we will update you in a couple of days!

You never heard of Flunkyball? Then you should definitely come (also if you don´t feel like playing, it is fun to watch)!!!

Wir freuen uns auf euch,
your I:SI-team ♥